Microneedles are miniaturized needles generally considered as the midpoint between hypodermic injections and transdermal patches that allows the delivery of dignostic of therapeutic agents in painfree fashion. 

a. Microneedles for diagnostic applications

A recent work demonstrated, for the first time, that MNs bear the ideal properties for the delivery of fluorescent tracers for the anatomical imaging of the lymphatic vessels and for the lymphatic drainage quantification. This painless functional medical tattoo could find important impact on the early-stage monitoring of several dissease, including lymphedema. Ream more

In the laboratory we explore and deisgn different approaches to use MNs for diagnostic and non-invasive monitoring purposes. 

b. Microneedles for painless delivery of drugs


Dissolving polymeric microneedles bear incredible potential painless drug delivery. In contrast to transdermal patches, they allow the delivery of a larger variety of molecules through the dermis providing promising results in humans. In the laboratory we explore the use of MNs for delivery innovative drug formulations for both, systemic and local drugs, which could bring great benefits to patients. 

Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine


Altought the use of nanometric objects to delvery drugs and target them in vivo did not provide tangible effects in the clinics yet, this topic has overwhlmed the drug delivery field due to its incredible potentials.

a. Nanoparticles for targeted delivery of drugs

In the laboratory we design micro and nanoparticles for delivery innovative drug formulations. 

b. Nanoparticles for targeted gene-editing

Apart from revolutionizing  foundamental biotech research, the discovery of more precise gene editing tools as fostered the research focusing on the design of  therapeutical strategies for untreatable genetic disorders. Nevertheless, one of the limitations resides in their delivery in vivo. In the laboratory we investigate the design of targeted delivery of gene editing machinery using different classes of synthetic nanoparticles 

Microtechnology and Porous Materials 


We design microtechnology-based devices for drug delivery and selective detoxification aplications for the management of chronic diseases